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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is my data once it’s backed up to your data storage platform?

    When you register with us, we’ll ask you to create your own ‘data encryption key’. Only you have access to this key and without your encryption key, the data cannot be decrypted once it has been backed up. Blowfish uses 448 bit encryption technology which is far greater than that of regular internet banking or credit card payments.

  • What happens if I forget my encryption key?

    We do not keep a record of your encryption key (for your own security!) We recommend that you keep a printed copy locked in a safe place, or alternatively give custodianship of the key to a trusted party.

  • What type of internet connection is optimal for the Sage DataSecure solution?

    We recommend that you have a broadband connection. The daily data backups transmit only data changes for the day (incremental backups), thus the bandwidth required is minimised. Our solution will work over a dial-up connection but this is not recommended.

  • Will the Sage DataSecure solution use a major part of my monthly ADSL ‘cap’ and will I thus have to increase the ADSL Cap?

    The daily incremental backups are (in most cases) extremely small and do not use significant amounts of ‘cap’. However, data usage will vary from one business to another.

  • What about the initial backup?

    You need to be aware that the first backup could contain a large amount of data and thus this will use up portion of your monthly cap and could take some time. We recommend that you schedule your backups to occur at night. If the data files that you require to be backed up are extremely large, it is possible to arrange that we collect an initial data backup on CD or DVD. Extra charges apply for this service. We will then create the first ‘back-up image’ on our servers. Subsequent daily backups will contain small amounts of data.

  • What happens if I need to restore a large amount of data and I do not wish to download over my ADSL connection?

    In this case, we offer a service whereby we will write the data to DVD (or other media) and courier the data to you. Extra charges apply for this service.

  • How can I be sure that Sage DataSecure will not lose my backed up data? For example what happens if the Sage DataSecure server is destroyed or stolen?

    Our data platform is hosted at one of Australia’s largest and most advanced, high-tech and secure data-centres. Our infrastructure is replicated and mirrored so all data is stored in two locations. We have taken all precautions to safeguard your data. We take our job seriously!

  • How can I determine the size of my first backup before the upload to the Sage DataSecure storage platform commences?

    Once you’ve completed the installation and selected the folders and files that you wish to back up, merely select the ‘size’ button on the toolbar in the Attix5 interface. The software will then calculate the size of the selected data and display the result on-screen.

  • Is the Sage DataSecure solution only designed to back up application data such as HandiSoft, or can I select any data on my computer?

    The Sage DataSecure solution can back up ANY DATA that is selected by you at any time. You can vary the data selection by adding or deleting files or folders at any time.(There is however an extra charge for backing up Microsoft Exchange data – please see pricing for details)

  • Can I back up files that reside on a network drive and not on the local PC?

    Because we utilise Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (or VSS) to manage open files, the data must reside on the machine housing the data. VSS does not work over a network (a Microsoft limitation, not a Sage DataSecure one), therefore open files on another machine on the network MAY be skipped during the backup process, thereby compromising the integrity of the backup (However OPEN FILES on the server are backed up). To resolve this, we have a low cost option to include other computers under the same account to ensure that all data is backed up.

  • Can the system notify me whenever a backup was not successful?

    The Sage DataSecure application can be configured to automatically advise either whenever a backup was not successful (exception reporting) or on a daily basis whether the backup was successfully completed or not. Our recommendation is that it’s more effective to configure the option for exception reporting (i.e. backups that were unsuccessful) so that this issue is promptly attended to.

  • What happens when I change my server?

    Should you change your server in the future, it is a simple task to reinstall a new version of the client software and reconnect to your backed up data. Please have handy your account credentials that you supplied when you registered with our service as you will need them to re-establish the connection.

  • I am an Apple Mac user. Can I use Sage DataSecure?

    Please contact our team as we will need to supply you with the correct version of the client software before you can continue.

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